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Introducing Free Shipping when you spend $120 with Premier Select

There's some products out there that we love just too much to let out of our sight, so we've stocked our warehouse full of them! This means that some of our shops dispatch from inside the United States and since it's much less hassle to get food to you when it's not crossing borders we can give you access to our signature Free Shipping service!

If you spend $120 in any shops with the Premier Select logo, we'll ship everything together and you'll see the Free Shipping option appear at checkout. Even if you don't reach the threshold, you'll still get combined shipping on all those goods! You can't say much better than that, can you?

We're expanding the list of Premier Select shops all the time, so keep an eye out for the logo. Got any ideas for shops you'd like to see us bring into the fold? Pop us a message and let us know!

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We select only the finest traditional goods to join the Premier Select range.

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